The new single of Akihabara48 (AKB48), Sakura no Shiori, was not only used as an ending song for their new TV series, Majisuka Gakuen, but it is also used in AOKI’s CM.

AOKI-style is under the AOKI Holdings Inc. AOKI-style offers mostly Men’s clothing. Men’s Business clothing. But they also have business clothes for Women. It’s just, most are for Men.

AKB48 Banner 1

AKB48 AOKI Banner 1 (Taken from AOKI-style.com)

AKB48 Banner 2

AKB48 AOKI Banner 2 (Taken from Aoki-akb48.com)

Credits to:

1) maimamon3 for the CM video

2) Aoki-style for banner 1

3) Aoki-akb48 for banner 2

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