Jpop Princess on the Loose!

Never had the JPOP Princess enter the rankings of CDJapans Weekly Hot Releases (Or did she?).

Moving from Sony Music Japan to Universal Music Japan, undeniably, her single sales had gotten lower. Her songs had changed. Her once strong, wonderful and empowering songs went into a less degree of it. Fans missed the Nami from SMJ. They loved her songs there more than her songs in UMJ.

With the recent air of her newest single, “Omoide ni Naru no?”, fans had seen a new hope in getting her sales up. With this new single, even though different from her released singles in UMJ and SMJ, this single had a very unique vibe.

Omoide ni Naru no? cover

Nami Tamaki's 19th Single : Omoide ni Naru no? (Taken from NT73)


1.Omoide ni naru no?
2.Itoshi sa no yukue

With this vibe of change in sales, some still doubt it for the last 4 singles she released in UMJ, not one had proven to be a good song to reach higher sales ( but for me I really love her songs). So with that past, some still don’t want to believe that this new single would change the sales of Nami. But even with this dilemma, fans still believe that Omoide ni Naru no? is still hanging on in the rankings and will never go down without a fight!

Hot New Releases for the Week Feb 14th

Nami Tamaki in Weekly New Releases (Taken from NT73)

Finally! The JPOP Princess has acquired a spot in CDJapan’s Weekly New Releases for the week of February 14th with her new single, “Omoide ni Naru no?”. Its release is on the 17th of February 2010.

But wait! This single is not only what the fans are looking out for. They are also expecting a release of Nami’s 1st Video Collection DVD in UMJ and an album, both entitled: STEP. This incoming DVD and album, both release on the 24th of February, are really something the fans are looking forward to.

Nami Tamaki : Step Banner

Nami Tamaki : STEP Banner (Taken from NT73)

STEP (Album + DVD)

2. Friends!
3. Sayonara shite ageru
4. Uso
5. Kimi no namida
6. Negai Hoshi
7. ZERO no sora
8. Moshimo negai ga…
9. Omoide ni naru no?
10. Happy Forever
11. in my life
12. Tokyo

DVD Contents:
– Omoide ni naru no? -Video Clip(nami ver)-

STEP DVD (Video Collection):

2. “Friends!” PV
3. “Friends!” -dance ver- + making of “Friends!”
4. “Moshimo Negai Ga…” PV
5. “Omoide ni Naru no?” PV

Congratulations Nami for being one in the top new releases!! And I hope your sales would get higher!

Support the JPOP Princess!

Info and Images are taken from:


2) CDJapan

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