Invincible Youth loves SME artists.

On the latest episode of KBS Invincible Youth, G7’s first night together was revealed. During their first night, SNSD’s Sunny had to reveal her no makeup face because she had to wash her face before sleeping. Before washing her face, Sunny had something to say about Goo Hara of Kara’s fake eyelashes which she took out and left after washing her face. She said, “Who wears such long eyelashes!”

While Sunny was washing her face, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha came up to her and said, “After this episode’s broadcast, the only results you’ll see from typing your name in the search tool will be ‘no makeup face.’” Sunny then whined replied, “I don’t want that. Please cut this part out of the episode.”

As soon as Kim Tae Woo saw Sunny’s face, he commented, “Who are you?” to which Sunny replied, “It’s Soon Gyu [Sunny’s name].” As Sunny’s face was revealed, they called her “baby Soon Gyu.”

After revealing her no makeup face, Sunny also helped Kim Tae Woo wash his hair. With soap bubbling on his hair, Kim Tae Woo asked everyone, “What hairstyle do you like?” Sunny replied back, “Beckham style,” then Kim Tae Woo shaped his hair like David Beckham.

Sunny’s face seems to be similar even without her makeup. What do you guys think?

cr: allkpop

Sunny still looks cute, IMO.

Well, Heechul of Super Junior will be a guest on the next episode. Looks like it’ll be one heck of an episode next time. Heechul can make any variety show real funny, I’m looking forward to the laughter he’ll be giving us.


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