Berryz Rank FIRST!

“Berryz’s Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! PV has been ranked 1st in Recochoku Video Clips Daily last February 10, 2010.”  – Hello! Project Official Site

Wow! They already showed the PV in Japan?! I checked Dohhhup a few hours ago but still none! This means, the PV would soon come out! I’m so excited!

Okay, so I checked YT just now and wth! I’m already a day late to see the LQ Cellphone PV Recording?! Gah! Lol! But this really means it’s coming out in the next few days!!



Just a few comments from me:

Captain: Aww! Her clothes suite her! And wait.. CAPTAIN HAD ANOTHER HAIRCUT!! o_o Oh well, I like it anyway. ^^

Momo: Aww, sad Momo on the beach… Makes me want to HUG her tight..

Chinami: Oh! Wonderful! I like her hat! 😀

Maasa: You know, Maasa really fits the bishoujo type but then, I like her style here. ❤

Miya: I like her more with long hair. Good thing for Hair extensions! XD

Kumai: Ayii~ Who’s her Kareshi? o_o

Risako: Ahh, I don’t usually say anything about Risako in PV’s other than she takes more screen time and lines.. But here, I like how she sings in this single. *nods* (btw, peace to Risako fans.. I just don’t see it as fair since Maasa, Captain and Chinami has either one line or none at all..)

So anyway, I’ll be posting more Berryz Updates in the near future! ^^


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