GDragon’s solo concert to be aired in Japan on 13th February

Male group Big Bang leader GDragon’s solo concert will be aired in Japan.
According to a YG Entertainment rep on 12th February, “His solo concert, held last year, will be aired on Japan channel TBS on 13th February.”

It was initially set for the concert to air in March in Japan, but it was aired earlier than planned. While in Korea, due to all the criticisms that some performances contain inappropriate content for youngsters, there is no confirmation that it will be aired at all.

Meanwhile, GDragon will be releasing the DVD for his solo concert. And regarding the age limit for the DVD, the rep said, “Currently we are in the midst of editing the DVD in Japan. Because we don’t know how the editing will turn out, we cannot confirm the age limit for the DVD yet.”

GDragon had his first solo concert early last December, but 2 of the performances at the concert were criticised for being too explicit and inappropriate for his young fans, and was said to have violated the Youth Protection Act.

Because of that, he was summoned for a 1-hour investigation on the 4th at the police station. Investigations into the case are still in the process.

S: Starnews


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