Choi Sooyoung! Happy 20th Birthday!


Yup! It’s Choi Sooyoung’s 20th Birthday! It’s the Shikshin’s special day! I wonder how they’re going to celebrate this day, cause at Soshified they’re going to be donating to help the victims of the recent earthquake at Haiti! I doubt that the girls have enough time for a party, due to their schedules. Speaking of cramped schedules, our Birthday girl had to cancel her plans on joining KBS “Sweet Night” as an MC.

The representative of ‘Sweet Night’ stated, “Through the problems that we’ve faced by going through some changes, we will try our best to revive the show and make it stable once again.”
Credits: Yahoo News…10/a2j77116.htm
k_Taevid @

Well, we can’t blame the girls for their fame and success with their 2nd Full Album, their First Asia Concert Tour and promotions at Japan. As much as I want to see them on variety shows and such, I want the girls to stay healthy!

Happy Birthday Choi Sooyoung “Shikshin” of So Nyeo Shi Dae!!!! Wishing you and So Nyeo Shi Dae the best this year and the coming years!

Right now, It’s Girls’ Generation!

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